Should Massage Therapy get banned from nursing homes?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Some geriatric care practices aren't coming back! Senior living advisors predict routine doctor visits for example will be replaced by telemedicine appointments. COVID19 will change the landscape of geriatric care forever, its important that we advocate for geriatric massage (touch therapy) to be a part of that future. It’s vital that nursing homes keep geriatric massage available to residents now and post -pandemic. Touch is a biochemical need for survival, across all mammals. This is demonstrated by hospitals moves towards mandating that mothers and fathers have skin to skin contact with newborns after birth. If its important for babies, than touch is vital for the elderly. Connection is necessary for this population to navigate through the difficulties of end of life. There's a million reasons why, starting with the health benefits of somatic release, which was recently measured in a case study by the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY, NY. There are 3 more reasons why massage shouldn't be taken out of nursing homes, here's why:

#1 Massage boosts the immune system

Scientists predict a possible 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus. The predictions slate the second wave to spike during the next flu season. If that's true there's a significant need for preparing the immune systems of the elderly in our nursing homes. Science has proven that when received regularly (1x/week) massage has measurable affect on boosting the immune system.

#2 Big Pharma doesn’t care about the elderly

They care about profits. Massage therapy isn’t a pill, it can’t be mass produced and sold at ridiculous prices. So (to Big Pharma) it’s not profitable. Yet science has proven regular massage has a significant impact on reducing pain, improving circulation, and elevating quality of life for geriatric patients. Big Pharma spends millions employing lobbyists to sway public policy & pass laws that push their (profit) agenda forward. As the geriatric care community shapes guidelines for appropriate practices in nursing homes post-pandemic, it’s vital that massage therapy is included. If we don't advocate for its place in the future, I wouldn't expect to see mega organizations like the CMS include massage therapy in the future of geriatric care. Talk about being out of touch!

#3 Geriatric massage can be performed safely with proper use of sanitation practices. Gloves, masks, hand washing & proper laundering ensure there is no risk to cross contamination. Therefore elderly are not at risk by receiving massage in their homes.

SIGN THE PETITION to keep Massage in Nursing Homes! Because our loved ones deserve it!

So, join us in the fight to keep our loved ones connected & healthy! Every BODY deserves massage! To learn more about how you can support visit us

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