Kimberly Shelton, Massage Therapist of the Month!

Kimberly Shelton is an extraordinary person - passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. A proud member of TAMMS organization (Tucson Area Marine Moms) and volunteer to Cinderella’s Closet. Her typical workweek consists of 60 hours a week as an emergency FT X-Ray Tech and LMT on the Massage Inc team. Doctors recently discovered a tumor in Kimberly's brain requiring a craniotomy with an 8 week recovery period. The procedure will be successful, and teamed with family and friends by her side, Kimberly embarks this journey bravely and confidently with the support and admiration of many.

"In massage, I have been an independent contractor and now employee of Massage, Inc. I was looking for that niche where you find your perfect, happy place in the massage field and I think I’ve finally found it! I absolutely love working with all clientele, but especially the elderly. When you have that personal, ongoing connection, you see how grateful they really are to have the attention they lack, the relaxation their body needs, you see the energy they gain or the peaceful rest after a massage, which is more rewarding than any other job or career I’ve had. I love seeing their faces light up when I come to their place because they know they’re getting a time to truly relax. Opposed to young people, the elderly and geriatric sometimes cannot understand why they feel anxiety, depression, loneliness, low energy, forgetfulness or paranoia. I have seen first-hand how massage has helped them cope with the unknown stresses they deal with. When I see my regular clients, they are uplifted with enthusiasm and vitality after a massage."

To learn more about Kim, and hear more about her passion and experiences, visit our Featured MT's section.

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