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Massage Inc. was founded in 2014 on the understanding that aging bodies need theraputic touch while senior living communities need a stronger bottom line. Our certified senior-safe massage therapists bring quality and affordable geriatric massage & yoga to Assisted Living communities. Our programs allow communities to attract residents, retain quality employees and holistically improve the resident experience.

"The Massage Inc. solution was so well designed it's a no brainer! This program is going to revolutionize the senior living industry."

- Richard Gebhard, Western Regional YPO Chairman

COVID-19 left the senior housing industry with a need to Re-Build. To help we've re-packaged our prices and diversified our services. Our innovative program provides you with an amenity that contributes towards your bottom line!  You can use this program for sales/marketing, resident retention, employee benefits packages and virtually anything else. Our principle focus is our commitment to wellness and our adherence to best practices in safety precautions.  


Single-Use Materials

Mandatory PPE 

Covid Vaccinated Ther

"We had such a wonderful experience today. Some of our memory care residents had emotional reactions to the massages; some were anxious about it then just loved it; others saw an increase in mobility after. It was just so wonderful. Thank you."

- Sami Fox, Oakmont  


Chair Yoga is designed with resident retention in mind. Our adapted yoga class is 30 mins. It focuses on balance & gentle strengthening. Communities can enjoy this this weekly class for both AL & Memory Care residents. Cost per class starts at $75. 


Geriatric Massage was designed to reconnect residents in a post covid world. Our therapists are true healers who've been additionally trained in geriatric massage therapy through the nations only accredited (.5 CEU'S) training program. Cost per massage starts at $75.

Our Massage + Yoga practitioners are the best in the industry!  After we vet their licenses, insurances, and vaccination records we send them through an additional nationally accredited training program to ensure that they understand the full breadth of your residents needs. Each massage therapists / yoga instructor is:




Background checked 

Covid Vaccinated





Back Massage

Cory Scurlock


Cory Scurlock brings 18+ years of experience in the wellness industry to senior living. Her passion for elevating senior living communities through massage & yoga is second to none. To learn more about her unique story take a look at this 4 min video.

Fritzie Cota


After spending 20 years as an executive in the motorcycle industry she ventured into senior living. Bringing her skills and experiences managing multiple branches of operations. 

Balance and wellness have always been important to her, the proud wife and mother of 3 whose passion for excellence is matched only by her love for serving others.  In her own words “the key to true happiness is our duty to care for our human soul...the Art of Aging and everything in between.”

Valero, Shawna - favorite.jpg

Shawna Valero
Director of Sales

Shawna made her unofficial debut into the care industry at a very young age, overseeing the care of her quadriplegic mother. This formative experience solidified to her what physical touch can do for ailing people and the importance of a close knit support system. As an executive Shawna the team captain at Massage Inc so to speak, she has a real understanding of our senior living customers needs the passionate initiative that is rebranding senior living with our real wellness experience. In her own words “ I love learning… and giving and never stop. I am proud to be instilling these values in my career and in my beautiful family showing them the attitude of gratitude.” 

June Stoddard-Finemore
HR Consultant

With over 15 years in the health and wellness industry June has gained valuable insight. She supports Massage inc. on a national level with the main objective of raising the bar with the standard of services that are in high demand with our aging community. 


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