Massage Inc was founded on the understanding that aging bodies need physiotherapy. Our certified senior safe massage therapist bring quality and affordable physiotherapy to your senior community. Dedicated to enrich the lives of others, Massage Inc is here to ellivate the senior living industry through our innovative programs! Our Physiotherapy approach includes a focus on massage and chair yoga (light). Our programs allow nursing homes to attract residents, retain quality employees & elevate the resident experience.

" Innovating the FUTURE of amenities " 


Since 2014 Massage Inc. has set the standard for best practices of geriatric massage & yoga for RCFE communities. Our practitioners have always

worn gloves

transported linens in separate containers

used single use oils/lotions

 sanitized their massage tables 

Most of our patients are medically dependent on their massage therapy to help treat the ailments that come along with the aging body. 99% of geriatric massage is medically necessary. We will continue to bring our services to the residents of assisted living and memory care facilities - in a safe & sanitary manner. Massage Inc. is following the guidelines from the CDC & the AMTA.

COVID-19 left the senior housing industry with a need to Re-Build. To help we've re-packaged our prices and diversified our services. Our innovative program provides 3 amenities for the cost (less than) of 1 employee. You can use this program for sales/marketing, resident retention, employee benefits packages, virtually anything. 


Geriatric Massage 

Geriatric Yoga 

Water Aerobics 


The Good Hands List was created to train licensed professionals in the specifics of geriatric physiotherapy. The Good Hands List Members are the only certified Massage Therapist who have extensive training to safely massage elderly clients and understand the scope of Assisted Living  & Memory Care Facilities. This training extends to yoga teachers and water aerobics instructors also. 

Designed to be leveraged our comprehensive program allows you to attract new residents, retain quality employees & set your co. apart from your competition. We charge an up-front fee based per location, a licensed certified therapist is then placed on-site full time at each facility. Residents enjoy easy access to holistic programs daily such as geriatric massage, yoga for a small service charge (which goes back to the facility) cutting the cost of the services, and in some instances providing a profit back to your co.   


Tel: 1-800-696-9747

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​"I have rheumatoid arthritis... Because of the expert massages I've been able to enjoy a comfortable, mobile, and more pain free quality of life"  

- Anon. 81 yr old Tustin, CA

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